We are PowerInform!

We are building PyESPI, a free and open source Python client library implementation of the ESPI/Green Button smart meter open data standard. We also offer consulting services for utilities implementing or looking to implement the standard. Stay tuned for more develoments by signing up to our mailing list.

Stay tuned for news on PyESPI and more! Incorporate user power consumption data into your app. Where supported, also include data on temperature, gas, water, utility pricing, and more! Sign up for our mailing list or email us for updates. Beyond Python, we aim to support major web development languages, like PHP, Node.js, Rails, and Go.

We offer consulting and a comprehensive test bed at competitive rates for implementation of the ESPI standard - contact us if you would like to work with us as your company moves towards implementation of the ESPI standard. Ensure standards compliance and interoperability with PowerInform!